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"How To Succeed As An Artist"

I was watching Paul Klein's How to Succeed as an Artist, and was surprised to hear him say that between 30% to 70% of an artist's time should be devoted to developing one's "Career". Further, he states that there are 3 vital elements to success as an artist, least important of which to is make good art. I hate to admit it but he's got a point.

My associations with "Career" oriented artists, often involve braggadocio, a bloated C.V. and an enigmatic, yet oddly, formulaic artist statement. For me, the measure of an artist is decided in the studio.

That said, there is a real need for full-time artists to find venues to show their work, and patrons to buy it. Failure to find your market in time can quickly change your status to part-time Artist. I don't want to be a part-time Artist. In light of that admission, expect to see me socializing at gallery functions and all manner of sundry art gatherings, cocktail in hand, to all appearances having a good time, but know that I'd rather be in the studio.


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